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An inventive reimagining of the classic flower vase, this metal wire creation can be used for decorative purposes, or to elegantly present your blooms. Its silver colouring makes this vase ideal for adding a contemporary flourish to classic interiors or emboldening more modern decor.
Vivid and glistening from every angle, it’s almost too beautiful to be used. Stout and rounded, it hints at Greek mythology, of hydriai brimming with cool water, to be carried back to the hearth of the home. Set with radiance that whispers to the service of the gods, we bring this to you as a vase, born to brim with the most beautiful faux flowers. After all, what is fit for a god, must be fit for you.

Colour: Silver

Height 30cm , Width 30cm


Cleaning your faux arrangement or artificial houseplant.
 We recommend lightly dusting your faux with an electrostatic duster every week to remove anything unwanted that might settle, or alternatively use a hairdryer at the LOWEST (cool) heat setting to blow dust away.

Can Faux flowers and plants be left outdoors?
Our faux stems are made of polyester and other delicate materials and aren’t designed to be left outdoors. Decoflora Designs faux arrangements and houseplants are more than suitable for an afternoon in the garden (e.g. if you’re having a party), but should be brought back indoors when celebrations are over. 
Our outdoor wreaths are slightly different. As with real flowers the faux petals and other components of the wreaths prefer to be protected from the harsher aspects of the elements. They will last much longer if they’re not exposed to any elemental extremes like snow, frost, direct sunlight, heavy rain or strong winds. If they are displayed in an exposed aspect they will fade over time.
Outdoo wreaths will need to be protected from the weather during colder months under a porch, or taken indoors for safe keeping until warmer, drier and less windy weather arrives. 

Will my faux arrangement fade over time?
The lifespan will depend on how it is used.
We can guarantee they will last MUCH longer than real flowers, however we cannot guarantee precise longevity. This naturally will depend on how the flowers/plants have been used and handled over time, where they have been displayed and the varying temperatures and manner in which they have been kept.
It’s important to remember that even faux has an expiry date. Artificial flowers will fade over time. Take care of them and display for as long as they’re bringing you joy, but if after a while they’ve lost some of their charm, you can retire them and treat yourself to a new look. A trick we use to extend the lifespan of our blooms and keep them looking fresh is to alternate between arrangements throughout the year to suit the seasons.
Vibrantly coloured flowers will fade quicker than more subtle colours, but as with many fabrics, over time artificial materials will lighten. To ensure the longevity of your faux we would recommend that you place them out of direct sunlight, e.g. not permanently left on a sunny windowsill. 
Another tip to maintain your arrangement is to avoid displaying/storing in or near damp or humid conditions and when storing make sure they're fully dry beforehand. It may be better if you store them in an airtight box, with packs of silica gel, in a cool place. Don't let them be subject to strong light (sunlight especially), humid rooms or extremes of temperature, so please bear this in mind if you want to store them in a loft, airing cupboard or garage or if you wish to display in a kitchen or conservatory.
Unfortunately Decoflora Designs cannot be held liable for any discolouration or problems with stems that occur after the delivery date, as we cannot guarantee they have been displayed or stored carefully. 

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